Oxford County

Norwich Community Flag Pole

When community advocacy works, change happens! I am relieved to say LOVE IS ALWAYS LOUDER! Norwich Township can now fly a progress pride flag on thier newly endorsed community flag pole?

Thank you to Lawyer Doug Judson, the Norwich Love and acceptance group, businesses, community organizations, the amazing pride team, and political figures that stood beside the 2slgbtqai+ community in Oxford County. As we grow we learn, the irony that Counselor Scholten supported the motion is progress! Thank you Councilor De Plancke and Councilor Gear for ensuring that Norwich Township is on the right side of human rights! To all the amazing community members in the township of Norwich who endured property destruction, violence, fear homophobia rhetoric you are leaders, mentors, and hero’s we thank you for standing up for the rights of all! Love always wins!