“The Oxford County Pride Committee recognizes Community Futures Oxford for its financial support through the Community Economic Development Program towards the Rainbow Sidewalk, which provides not for profits in Oxford County with grants that catalyse economic activity in a number of priority areas.”

The Oxford County Pride committee is proud to announce we have worked hard advocating and fundraising to bring a rainbow cross to downtown Woodstock. This achievement would not have been possible wirhout the generous grant recieved by Community Futures Oxford and our many community partners. Unfortunately the project has been temporarily postponed due Covid 19 however we are hopeful to complete crosswalk as soon as it is safe to do so. UPDATE: We are hoping to have the sidewalk installed before June of 2021.

The Rainbow sidewalk will represent the diverse and supportive culture of Oxford County, while sending messages of support and inclusiveness and visibility to residents in Oxford County.

Thank you to the Community Futures Oxford, the BIA and Oxford County for your support!