“The Oxford County Pride Committee recognizes Community Futures Oxford for its financial
support through the Community Economic Development Program to install the Rainbow Crosswalk, which provides not for profits in Oxford County with grants that catalyse
economic activity in a number of priority areas. Funding was also received from The Rainbow Optimist Club.

So proud of the Oxford County Pride committee team! It has taken us 7 years but we did it! This would not be possible without our incredible community donations from Community Futures Oxford grant, and the Rainbow Optimist Club! Oxford County has its first official Rainbow crosswalk! #oxfordcountypride

Check it out downtown at Museum square.

It’s been an objective since we initiated the committee (seven years ago), but obviously we needed to build community support. Since day one, the objective has been to get more visibility for diversity and inclusion for the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

We applied a couple of years ago for a grant through Community Futures Oxford – a federally supported, not-for-profit community organization whose purpose is to support community economic development and small business growth through business loans or loan guarantees. Community Futures Oxford contributed $850 for the project, which was delayed several months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The local Rainbow Optimist Club also donated $500. The balance was covered by other donations from the community.

We’re very happy it’s finally come to fruition, people are driving by, and it’s bringing a smile to their face. We’re ecstatic given the last couple years, and some of the political discourse of the last few months, we wanted some symbolism in the community representing positivity and diversity. It’s perfect timing right now, and it sends a very clear message to community members of inclusion.”

The work was competed by Mobile Services Inc. out of London.