Auction 43 Painting by Zagidiwin by Ikidowin Ogichidaa Kwe

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Donated by Zagidiwin by Ikidowin Ogichidaa Kwe

About the Artist  – This Painting is 48″ x 36″ on Canvas

Painted by Ikidowin OgichiDaa Kwe translates to Word Warrior Woman, I am of the Thunderbird clan with familial ties to Zhiiabasing and Mishkagomang First Nations along with heritage from Ireland and Germany. Art is a form of expression and therapy, I pray this painting brings you love, joy and hope.


This painting is calling out for our hearts to remember love, in all its forms. The background is a Rainbow symbolizing diversity with a colour shifting gloss over the middle sections to symbolize transition, physically, emotionally, mentally and fluidity of expression. The moon in Anishinaabe culture is referred to as Grandmother Moon or Nokomis, she is a symbol of fertility and guidance.
In this painting each phase of the moon is a mirror with the ability to reflect your inner beauty for your own eyes to see and around them you will see flowers and berries growing representing the many identities found within the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum as seen by the coloring pallet connection to the different flags. Along the far side there is the word ZAGIDIWIN which is one of the seven sacred or Grandfather teachings, this word means Love in Annishaabemowin  and is accompanied by a painted Thunderbird 9n the canvas.  The Thunderbird is not only my clan but is also a very important Spiritual being in Anishinaabe teachings, once seen as an eagle, they loved humanity so much they were willing to sacrifice themselves to save us and did so by flying into the sun, Creator saw their sacrifice and deeply love for humanity and turned them into a mighty Thunderbird, the spiritual cousin of the eagle to look after us and guide us. Each year the Thunderbird comes back to show us their love by brining the spring storms that allow our flowers, fruit and trees to bloom.



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