Oxford County Pride 2020

We are busy working on a number of ideas for Oxford County Pride 2020. The events and the times listed are subject to change without notice.

Flag Raising

On June 1 we live streamed virtual flag raising in Tillsonburg, Woodstock and Ingersoll. This event was a great success as we reached over 10,000 people! Check out our video’s

Family Day June 20,2020

All events to be streamed on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter

Story Time with the Queens

Approximately 11:00 am til 11:30 am on Oxford Pride Facebook page Facebook page.

Join us for family inclusive and diverse stories, exploring difference and celebrating uniqueness for everyone.


Approximately 11:30 am until 12:00 pm

Join us as Shauna Balger of “Radiant You” brings us on a journey of inner peace, joy and contentment, through breathing techniques, meditation and exercise.

The word “Yoga”, translated from Sanskrit, means “union” or “connection”.
Let’s create union and connection together.

Don’t forget to following Shauna On her FaceBook page @ShaunaBalgerOfRadiantYou

Victor Quinlan

Approximately 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm

Victor Quinlan

Victor Quinlan is a Queer singer/songwriter. They consistently hook audiences with their covers and originals. Victor writes uplifting folk-punk songs about the nuances of being a child, being Queer, and recovering from adversity, with a witty spin. Any song that sounds playful will also contain profound insights; listen carefully.

Victor’s music is influenced by artists such as Against Me!, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Sara Bareilles, and has been featured on Rainbow Radio at CHRW 94.9 and is regularly invited to play Pride Festivals. Victor has recorded tunes in studios in Winnipeg, London, St. Thomas, and their small but mighty apartment studio. Victor won studio time and recorded a cover of ‘Not With Haste’ in 2011 in Winnipeg, MB before they started their transition.

In 2017, after transitioning, Victor was invited to perform and London’s Pride Festival, and they decided to arrange a duet with the 2011 recording that could be shared live. The response to this performance was overwhelming for everyone in attendance, including Victor. Becoming vulnerable on stage earned numerous standing ovations. They showed other Trans people that they aren’t alone, and in return, Victor learned an important lesson about the magic of vulnerability. There is a debut EP in the works which will be written, recorded, and produced entirely by Victor. The EP will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and many other platforms. They’re also in the process of releasing a music video for the pre-transition duet, ‘Not With Haste’, with Edward Platero from Platero Visual in London, ON. If you’d like to feel some feels, follow Victor’s musical and life adventures, and find information about shows and music releases, follow Victor Quinlan online.

Kick Boxing class

Approximately 1:00 pm until 1:30 pm

Oxford Pride Family Day presents kick boxing with Pauline, group fitness, personal trainer who will get you moving.

Pauline is an incredible motivator who will get you moving and feeling good.

Let’s get our hearts racing and our bodies moving.

Renee Coughlin of The Pairs

Renee Coughlin

Approximately 1:30 pm until 2:30

Join Oxford County Pride with the musical talents of Renee Coughlin

Renee is a dreamer, a weaver
of ideas and fierce advocate for change. She is a classically trained vocalist who spent her childhood and adolescence as part of large, all female choral ensembles. She now writes and performs both with Canadian folk/pop trio, The Pairs, and as a solo artist.
Renee is inspired by the power
of music and writes songs that aim to uncover the memories and experiences that shape us. She sings stories of self doubt, inner and outer conflict and aims to pull people into community with her honest songwriting.


Zumba class with Maggie. Ever wanted to try a Zumba class? Here is your chance without even leaving the your home.

Live streamed at approximately 2:30 until 3:00 pm

Sarah Smith

On our Facebook page at approximately 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Sarah Smith from London Ontario

We are excited to feature the amazing musical talent of the award winning rising star in the Canadian music scene Sarah Smith!
Her song writing abilities, and rock and roll folk vocals are one of a kind. Beyond her incredible musical talents Sarah is dedicated her talents tirelessly to many social causes; raising funds for homelessness, LGBTQ2+, Addiction Services. Mental Health and the list goes on. We are honored and proud to present on Oxford County Pride Family Day the musical talents of Ms.Sarah Smith.

Sarah has always been vulnerable in her songwriting – she doesn’t know how to do it any other way. Sarah sings about love, loss, and having the courage to trust in her own voice.

Unveiling is Sarah’s fifth studio album, following A Christmas Wish (2018), 11 (2016), The Journey (2014), and Stronger Now(2012). She also released her live album Live In Concert in 2018, and the live DVD Sarah Smith: Plugged and Unplugged in 2015. In addition to her full-length albums, she regularly releases stand-alone singles and music videos.

The songs are about opening yourself to a new future, and believing that the right road lies ahead. It’s a truth she’s come to know the hard way through years of spiritual and musical development.

Music is Sarah’s full-time passion. She continues to tour prolifically, playing around 300 dates per year in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Along the way, she has shared the stage with artists including Carole Pope, Sass Jordan, Biff Naked, Emm Gryner, Joel Plaskett, David Wilcox, 54-40 and many others. Whether it’s just her and her acoustic guitar or her full band, she is simply a mesmerizing performer.

She has also recently begun to play in the Caribbean, and has performed in musical stage productions at Petrolia Playhouse Theatre – challenges that have broadened her stage presence and songwriting acumen. Her social activism includes playing shows and sharing her story in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Addictions Services of Thames Valley, My Sister’s Place, Anova, and Vanier Children’s Services.

Sarah has won many awards throughout her career. She was named Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and has earned multiple honours at the Jack Richardson/Forest City London Music Awards, including the Rock and Singer/Songwriter awards.

Closing Remarks and Tyrell Maas Pride Leadership award Presentation at 4:00pm

We will announce the winner of the 2020 Tyrell Maas Pride leadership award. A $500 bursary towards furthering the education of an LGBTQ2S+ leader in Oxford County. Promotion of up and coming events and closing with sponsor recognition and community appreciation.

Other Events

Here are some events we are working on for the month of June. We will update this page as we confirm these virtual and interactive events for the month of June.

Youth Games Night

Wednesday June 24th from 7:00pm until 9:00pm

Join Jae and Arrow for online games using Jackbox, you will need a cell phone and a computer or tablet, you play the game on your phone and the Host shares their screen on your computer or tablet. Ages 12 to 25. For more information follow this link Youth Games Night

Scavenger hunt Running the entire month of June. Find rocks painted with Pride colours around Oxford County. Daily clues will be given out on our Facebook page. Find a rock and post on social media with #oxfordpriderocks. Each entry gives you one more chance of winning.

We would like to thank #woodstockrocks for painting so many rocks and help make this contest possible.

Winners will be drawn each Monday at 7 pm with a grand prize for the person who finds the most rocks.

Please follow Physical distancing rules.
– Stay home if you are sick or think you may be sick.
– Stay six feet away from people you do not live with
– wash/sanitize your hand frequently
– wear a non-surgical mask where physical distancing is not possible or may be difficult.
– If you arrive at a destination and other people are present, wait a minimum distance of six feet away until they finish.
– avoid touching the rocks when taking a selfie

Selfie Contest

Show us your Pride colors and win prizes! Its easy just snap a picture of you in your best pride swag and share with #IAMOXFORDPRIDE .

Contest runs from June 1-15th! Show us your pride Oxford County! Top three picks will win prizes

We encourage individual, family and group shots have fun dress up and show us your fabulous Pride side.

All entries will be used on our social media platforms.Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We will offer delivery of prize within Oxford County or you may choose to pick up in Woodstock.

Make up demo

Join Nicki on Monday June 22nd in the evening at 7:00pm

Roxy on Friday June 29th in the evening at 7:00pm