Pride Committee

Join our Team


Each year our Pride events grow and expand into new areas of Oxford County! We receive invitations from other community groups to get involved; the most recent being the Ingersoll Santa Claus parade. We are expanding events such as “Story time with the Queens” because of demand. We want to have more vents in other parts of the county but we do not have the volunteers to expand.

We have a number of areas in which your time and talents could be used. We are always looking for committee members to help plan and execute events for the Pride season. We love when they bring new ideas and information so we can all grow as a team and be more inclusive as we represent this diverse community. The committee meets once a month in downtown Woodstock.

There is also at our events where we need folks to set up and tear down, watch booths, security, runners, silent auction, and the list goes on. We also support many events throughout the year, trying to keep visibility for our community. Volunteers are needed here as well. There is also all the behind the scenes work to be completed, letters, forms, questionnaires, posters, guides, website upkeep, etc., etc., etc. you get my point. All this is pointless without the folks who go out in the community and talk with businesses and get sponsors to pay for all of this! We also have silent auctions at our family day and at our Pride dance because we have such wonderful support from small business and individuals who donate items. As you can see there is a lot of time required.

We have a great team and work well together as a group but we are limited in our time and our resources. Many of us have been on the committee from the beginning in 2015. We are always looking for fresh faces, ideas and talents from our community. If you have time to spare or a talent to make our lives easier, we welcome you and encourage you to join a fun, creative and productive group of individuals.